About Us


Mumas is a Puerto Rican social enterprise providing development opportunities to economically disadvantaged women and mothers. With the sales of our products, we support the work of Mumas Renaciendo, a non-profit organization that seeks to reduce economic dependence in its community through emotional capacity building, professional workshops and sewing trainings.


In the Mumas shop you will find underwear made with eco-friendly materials. Our fabric is hypoallergenic bamboo, a 100% biodegradable and beneficial for the health of our skin and the planet. Our pieces are versatile and the perfect balance between comfort and style. 

With your purchase, you help us provide employment opportunities to the women we serve and give many others the possibility of having a better quality of life.


  • Lillian Karen Alvarado Viñas: Executive Director (Mumas Renaciendo)
  • Leslie Ely Zeno: Designer, Photographer & Content Creator
  • Diana Pastrana: Mentor
  • Mili Landrón: Mentor 
  • Aurora Hernández Galliano: Mentor (ConPRmetidos)
  • Paola Romero: Social Media Management (ConPRmetidos)
  • Centro para Emprendedores: Website Development
  • Héctor Ball: Photographer

Participants and Seamstresses

  • Andrea Suárez
  • Leslie Ely Zeno
  • Magdaliz Andujar
  • María del C. Rosario
  • Sheila Hernández
  • Sonia Traverso
  • Zuley Birriel